“Kaizen” is a japanese word which means “change for better”.  This one word describe me and the world of Data Science perfectly.  Data Science world is changing everyday for better models, effeciency , accureacy etc. and  I am determined to better myself with concepts of this exciting world of  Data Science.


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iranische frauen treffen I am Shagun Khare. I am pursuing  Master’s in Data Science from the City University, London, and have more than 14 years of work experience with companies like IBM, Pearson, Shell, Christies, HP etc. I also hold first class honors degrees in Master’s in Computer Applications and Bachelor’s in Mathematics, Statistics & Economics.

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rencontre celibataire redon I love reading, travelling, listening to music and playing  with my twins.

In this website, I am documenting the concepts which I learn everyday,  writing my thoughts about exciting events, courses etc and also using it to showcase  my projects.