My encounter with Ubuntu and Vmware

I have been a Microsoft professional and always had a luxury to work with the user-friendly interface provided by Windows. As a part of my research project with CSR ( Centre of Sofware Reliability) City University, I need to create a Big Data Environment.  I have been given three virtual machines with Ubuntu 14.04 operating system and my learning ( or struggle) with VMware and Ubuntu started.

Issue 1: Console missing bottom and right of Ubuntu scReen

Here is the configuration of my environment

Host Machine: Windows 10

Guest Machine: Ubuntu 14.04

Vmware client: vSphare client

I started with updating VMware Tools, it did not help but yes it improved the colours and user experience of the Ubuntu screens. I recommend updating VMware Tools even though it has not resolved this issue. Another, one of the unsuccessful attempt was to upgrade the vSphare Client.  After spending some time in finding the solution online and consulting IT support Team  found two  (not one) solutions :

Solution 1 :
  1.  Right Click the desktop of the host machine ( windows 10) and select Display Settings
  2. Change the size from recommended 125% to 100%, using slider
  3. Logout and Login to the host machine.
Solution 2 (Recommended) :
  1. Right click  “Vsphare client” and click property

2. In compatibility tab, check  Disable display scaling on high DPI settings

Issue 2: Black Screen after upgrading from Ubuntu 14.04 to UBUNTU 16.04

I followed digitalocean post to upgrade Ubuntu from 14.04 to 16.04. Upgrade was smooth, but when I opened the console after restarting virtual machine, a black screen was displayed. I tried restarting console few times but it did not help. After spending 2-3 hours in resolving this issue, I contacted my IT supports team colleague, who  gave a very simple solution :

Solution :

“Shut down the virtual machine, right-click it and select Upgrade Virtual Hardware”.

I will keep posting experience with Ubuntu

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